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In the recent years, the digital technology has improved up to a great extent, and this has made the digital cinematography more dominant. Since the mid 2010s, most of the films have adopted the digital cinematography across the globe. This has certainly improved the quality of films as compared to the late 90s. Earlier the films were made with a lot of efforts, and shooting some tricky scenes was really cumbersome.

In earlier times, the Indian cinema was shot on live locations with real objects. The films involved building of huge sets with lot of space and man power. Due to this, the film making was a very lengthy and time taking procedure, with a lot of efforts and manual power. However, with the digitization, this became a very easy task, and the producers started to adapt to modern technology involving VFX, virtual reality and augmented reality modelling techniques. The recent example of top VFX effects in Indian cinema is S. S. Rajamouli’s exquisite creation named “Bahubali – The beginning” and “Bahubali – The Conclusion”.

Digital Films

It featured a huge waterfall, big bull, and a lot of action scenes, which would have been very difficult without the use of VFX and other visual effects. This is clearly the power of digital films. Another example of top quality visual effects and VFX is “The Avengers” series from Marvel creations. Obviously everyone knows that it’s not possible to shoot such difficult scenes featured in the movies without high quality digital filming and visual effects.

So, digital films have taken over the traditional methods of film making, and they are consi dered more cost effective, and takes very less time in production, even it involves a lot of technology effects, but still it is very economical and quick process. It has rather reduced the acting efforts as well. So, digital films are unquestionably the future of cinema, and will continue to evolve. Now, if you have some unique concept, and want to turn it into a stupendous film with spectacular visual effects, don’t worry. Your search ends here. Our team of experts is ready to help you create a Corporate Video which you can remember for the lifetime, and be remembered for the lifetime with your classy works.


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